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Frequently Asked Questions


The instructions set out below reference:

  1. iPhones iOS 13.

  2. Samsung Phones using Android Version 7.1.1 and Samsung Experience version 8.5; and

  3. Samsung Android 9 PIE and Samsung UI version 1.


Other Android phone brands (e.g. Huawei, Vivo, Oppo etc.) have their own user interfaces.  Additionally, user interfaces and operating systems are updated from time to time by the phone manufacturers so that the instructions below may not be 100% accurate and can only serve as a guide.

Question 1:      What if I don’t/can’t use the Atorcom System.


The Atorcom System is designed to be used with independent backup systems. 

Please use the backup systems available for your Condo or Commercial Property for example a Transponder or Magnetic Cards or PIN number for the Gate.

Question 2:      My password does not work.


Ensure that your password:

  1. Has a minimum 8 alphanumeric characters;

  2. Does NOT have special characters;

  3. Is all in lower case;

  4. Has no space in the front or at the end of the password when you insert it.



Question 3:      I forgot my Password.






                                                           On the log in page of the Atorcom App, you will see

                                                           “Forgot Password” link.  Please tap on that link.










                                                           Fill in the email which you used to register as a user of the Atorcom App;

                                                           Tap on “Send Recovery Email”


                                                           You will receive an email from the Atorcom System.


                                                           Please use the Chrome Browser to open your email.


                                                           Click on the links in your email and follow the steps to reset your own password.   






Question 4:      I’m locked out of my Atorcom App. 


For security reasons, you will be locked out of your Atorcom account after 5 failed login attempts.  Please contact the Managing Agent of your Condo and let him/her know what had happened.  The Managing Agent of the Condo will then contact us to revive your account. 

Please note that for security reasons, Atorcas Support cannot revive (or add or delete) a user account without first getting the Managing Agent’s approval to do so.



Question 5:      My Atorcom App stopped working


For all phones, the Atorcom App will not work unless you give the app permission to use:

  1. The Phone Camera;

  2. The Microphone;

  3. Mobile Data;

  4. Notifications;

  5. You are not on silent mode.


Additional steps you may take:


In the case of iPhones, delete the Atorcom App from your phone and then go to Appstore and download it once again.  After reinstalling on your iPhone, please log in again with your user ID and your password.


Android Phone:          

In the case of Android phones, you have to “Clear Data” of the previous version of the Atorcom App, before your download the updated version of the App from Google playstore.  Please do the following:

  • Go to “Settings”

  • Scroll down and tap on “Apps”

  • Search for “Atorcom” and tap on it

  • Search for “Storage” and tap on it

  • Tap on “Clear Data”

  • Tap on “<” to return to the Atorcom App

  • Tap on “UNINSTALL”


When the Atorcom App is “uninstalled”:

  • return to Google Playstore

  • download the latest version of the Atorcom App to your phone

  • Insert your usual User ID and Password and

  • Log in.



Question 6:      I’m logged in and my Atorcom App can open the gate.  But when someone calls my apartment number at the Gateway:


  1. I don’t receive any Notifications; or

  2. I receive the Notifications much later and the caller has left.



For all phones, the Atorcom App will not work unless your Atorcom App is logged in and running in the background so that you can receive Notifications.  The Atorcom App will not send Notifications if you are logged out of the App.


Additional steps you may take:



Open your iPhone’s “Settings” and scroll down to


  1. Battery: 

  • Scroll down till you see “Battery”

  • Switch OFF “Low Power Mode”


    iPhones may enter low power mode when the battery is low which may cause delays in receiving notifications.


   2. Do Not Disturb:

  • Scroll down till you see “Do not Disturb”

  • Switch OFF “Do not Disturb”


   3. Airplane Mode

  • Switch OFF “Airplane Mode”


   4. Background App Refresh:

  • Scroll down till you see “Atorcom” and tap on it

  • Switch ON:

    • “Background App Refresh”

    • “Mobile Data”.


Android Phones: 

The Android OS may force your phone to automatically restrict Data Usage on the WIFI networks or quit the Atorcom App to save battery power.  When this occurs, the user may NOT receive any notifications as the Atorcom App has been logged off by the Android OS or he may experience significant delays to receiving Atorcom Notifications as the Notifications may be delivered in groups (every 10 minutes or more). 


Step 1: Allow Notifications:


  • Go to “Settings” and tap on it

  • Tap on Notifications;

  • Tap on “See All” at the bottom of the page (if you can’t see all your Apps)

  • Tap on “Atorcom App”

  • Tap on “Show Notifications” (if you can’t see “Notifications”)

  • Tap on Allow Notifications

  • Allow Notifications to Show on Locked Screen (if you have this option)

  • Switch ON: Set as Priority (or equivalent term for Android Phones so that you can receive any Notifications from Atorcom first.)

  • Exit


Step 2a:  Prevent Automatic Power Saving (On Android Version 7.1.1)


  • Go to “Settings” and tap on it

  • Tap on Device Maintenance/Device Care

  • Tap on Battery. 

  • Scroll down to Unmonitored Apps  and tap on it

  • Tap on + Add apps

  • In the new screen, scroll down till you find Atorcom App and tap on it

  • Tap on “Done”


    The Atorcom App will now be included in the list of Unmonitored Apps.  This means that the Android OS will NOT automatically

    shutting down the Atorcom App to save battery power. 


Step 2b:  Prevent Automatic Power Saving (On Android 9 PIE)


  • Go to “Settings” and tap on it

  • Scroll down and search for “Apps”;

  • Search for “Atorcom App” and tap on it;

  • Tap on “Battery”;

  • Tap on “Allow background activity”;

  • Then exit.


    This will enable the Android OS to allow the Atorcom App to run in the background.    


Step 3:  Prevent Automatic Restrictions Of Data Usage Go To Settings And Tap On:


  • Connections

  • Data Usage

  • Switch OFF Data Saver

  • Switch OFF Ultra Data Saving Mode (if this is on your phone)

  • Switch ON Mobile Data

  • Tap on Restrict Networks

  • Remove WIFI Networks which you regularly use to connect to the Internet from your list of Restrict Networks


    Notifications from Atorcom App uses only a small amount of data.  More Data is used for the Intercom. 



Question 7:      My Atorcom App is running very slow

Answer 1: 

If your phone does not have sufficient internal memory, then the performance of your phone and the Atorcom App may be adversely affected.  Your phone may not have sufficient internal memory if it has too many Apps downloaded on it or too many Apps opened in the background.


Ensure that:


  1. you have closed off the Apps which you do not need so that they are not running in the background in your phone and draining your processing capacity. 


  1. Additional steps for Android Phone, please go to:

  • Settings

  • Device Care/Device Maintenance

  • Tap on “Optimise” the phone

  • Tap on “Storage” and tap on “Clean Now”

  • Tap on “Memory” and tap on “Clean Now”


See also solutions to Question 6 above. 


Answer 2:       

The Data Network on which your phone or the Atorcom System is running (for e.g. SingTel, Starhub, My Republic, and M1) may not down or overloaded in your area for a period of time.  In that situation, the Atorcom App may be run more slowly.  Please use the back up systems available for your Condo or Commercial Property.



How to Contact Atorcas:


Please contact us by email on or send us a WhatsApp message on (+65) 9103-8889 if you have any questions.  We will respond to you within 36 hours.


You may also call your phone manufacturer’s support line to request for further assistance.

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